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COSCO Shipping - ESE2 Service

New Service ESE2 with direct connection between Lisbon and Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay

COSCO Shipping annouces the new weekly service ESE2, starting in September 2023. This service will connect several european ports, including Algeciras and Lisbon, to the East Coast South America.

The service rotation will be: Rotterdam, London Gateway, Hamburg, Antwerp, Lisboa (Liscont), Algeciras, Santos, Paranagua, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Itapoa, Paranagua, Santos, Rio de Janeiro and Rotterdam. The transit time between Lisboa and Santos will be 14 days.

This service is the result of the constant need to respond to our costumer needs, offering faster transit times, reliable schedules and comprehensive coverage.

With extensive truck and feedering network connections, the new service will be facilitated by expansive supply chain products to reach main economic regions of East Coast South America.

For more information, check the COSCO Shipping Lines website or contact us at coscosales@euronave.pt



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